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15 delicious home recipes and 10 tantalizing dips that WILL leave you salivating for more …

ByRahul MookerjeeRachna Mookerjee

how many times have YOU come back from a hard, hard workout – ready to eat a cow – – or several – – and then end up looking at your “diet plan”, and end up sighing in a “resigned” sort of manner?“Oh, well. I’m hungry as a horse and I’d love something delicious to eat – and a LOT of it – but the problem is my diet”“Drat! Why can’t I have some good food for myself after working out so hard?! I deserve it!”“Pah! Screw the diet for one day! I’ll go with my usual pizza and beer – I’ve burnt double the number of calories anyway!”And so forth.Now don’t get me wrong. Working out hard is GOOD. Feeling hungry and being ready to eat a horse after your workout is even better.But the point is this – even the “strictest amongst us” will end up neglecting a good diet (or dietary plan) occasionally if what is being consumed isn’t tasty – – or, doesn’t fit the “feel good food” part.Let’s face it. We’d probably eat ANYTHING if we were starving, but most of us aren’t – and the last thing we want to do after a tough workout is to subsist on apples and boiled eggs (many do, but do they really WANT to)?…? Do they?There you go.I didn’t think so either!A “twist” from the Indian subcontinentMy wife is from India, and I’ve got a lot of knowledge in terms of these dips (and cooking in general) from her.While we’ve all heard about “butter chicken” (chicken tikka masala for you Brits, hehe) and other such tasty – yet uber-fattening – dishes, what isn’t generally associated with the Indian subcontinent is this – MEAT – and dips.But believe me, meat (and dips) done with a “subcontinental” twist can taste great – even to and ESPECIALLY for a Western palate which I’m assuming you and I have.And so, at the end of the recipes section, I’m giving you recipes for 10 different varieties of dips as well – stuff I eat almost daily if I’m in India with my family – and stuff that I pester my wife for incessantly, hehe.There’s a standing joke going on in the Mookerjee household – that being that “why don’t we just give you a huge bowl of dip along with leavened bread as your meal?”And given my reaction to some of these dips, I don’t quite blame my wife either for saying what she did!By the way, though the recipes and dips are all traditional and with a “twist from the subcontinent” – note that HOW you eat ’em is entirely up to you.No banana leaves, or “gravy fingers” for this cat, hehe. I prefer my stuff with a fork and knife as most of you do! Dive right in my friend!


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2020
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By (author): Rahul Mookerjee, Other primary creator: Rachna Mookerjee



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