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Dark Lockdown Stories

BySimone DuboisRasiika Sen

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Step into the dark and unsettling world of "Quarantine," a collection of dark, chilling stories by a group of exceptional authors from around the globe that invites you to take a glimpse into a world we have all left behind, and more! This gripping anthology explores the different facets of humanity's reaction to quarantine and the lockdown, from the fear and uncertainty to the desperation and hopelessness that can arise in isolation. With vivid and haunting prose, these dark tales are poised to take you on a haunting journey through the Covid pandemic and other, similarly dire scenarios where people are forced to retreat into a state of quarantine. This thrilling read shall be an experience that will leave you questioning the limits of human endurance and the nature of our own fears. From the depths of collective anxiety to the hidden truths lurking in the shadows of self-isolation, "Quarantine" is a masterful collection that will keep you up at night. This book is a must-read for fans of horror, suspense, and anyone looking for a chilling insight into the fragility of the human condition in woeful times. Authors whose works have been featured in this selection are: Lawrence Dagstine, Sushma R Doshi, Dibyasree Nandy, Larry Griffin, C. S. Dines, Shea Herlihy-Abba, Bernadette Fosberry, Jacek Wilkos, Gina Easton, Robb White, Maggie D Brace, D.A. Cairns, Marty Stanfill, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Colonel Arun Hariharan, Val Roberts and Lisa Williams


Publication Date
Mar 27, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Edited by: Simone Dubois, Edited by: Rasiika Sen


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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