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123 Touchstones for Inspirational Leadership

Quotes on Self-discovery, Success, Fulfillment, Leading Yourself and Others

BySamuel Okai

Do you want to lead yourself and others to greatness, success and fulfillment but lack the knowledge, motivation and skills to do so? Many people desire a change in their life but do not understand the workings of change that comes through transformation and how to use that transformation to impact their thoughts and life. For those that understand the need for change and transformation, and have become changed, they do not know how to drive the change in others by living an exemplary life that will propel others to be disciples of the change in them. 123 Touchstones for Inspirational Leadership gives you striking thoughts of the author and great men and women of wisdom to spur you to make positive contributions to your life, challenge the status quo and prepare you for a paradigm shift that will break you free from the hold of the past, self and mediocrity. In this book, you’ll discover motivational quotes that will… Fuel your personal growth Grow your capacity to lead yourself Challenge you and others to greatness Help you lead change, transform people and grow businesses Give you actionable steps to take to become the leader you were meant to be. 123 Touchstones for Inspirational Leadership is the ideal guide to lead you into a life of relevance, fulfillment and greatness.


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Samuel Okai



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