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Twin Flame Runner Love Lessons Book 1

Twin Flame Runner Love Lessons Book 1


BySilvia Moon

The best way to know about your Twin Flame's wellbeing without them noticing that you are checking in on them is by stalking them. Whether your Twin Flame tends to block you out of their life or not, you are both compelled to always know about each other; the feeling is mutual. The attraction between you is very intense and too strong to contain. The runner Twin Flame's typical way of knowing what is going on with you is by always checking your social media even though they never comment or like your posts. The runner is also obsessed with their Twin Flame partner the same way the chaser seems to be. If you have a private social media account, the Twin Flame runner can create a pseudo account so that they can follow you without knowing that it is them. Also, if you have mutual friends with your Twin Flame, the runner always keeps in touch with your friends because they get updated about your wellbeing. From my experiences, my Twin Flame always calls our mutual friend; they talk for hours because he wants to know every detail of my current life situation. If you live in the same neighborhood, the Twin Flame runner will also stalk you; they will know about your daily routines and where you go at particular times. They also know whom you hang out with and your favorite places that you like to go to. Twin Flame attraction is real. The obsession to check in on each other is natural. It does not matter whether you label yourself as a runner or chaser, you are both the same because you are one in the soul. Physical Separation from a Twin Flame leaves you feeling a void that nothing can fill but your Twin Flame love. Enjoy reading this simple book.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2021
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Silvia Moon



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