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Spiritual Journey

BySneh Chakraburtty

All over the world meditation is now becoming a practice with increasing interest. Meditation is to seek the ultimate truth in oneself. This book shows universal characteristics by understanding our own personality with the sciences of psychology, physiology (especially neurophysiology) and philosophy, namely Vedanta (Eastern philosophy). Meditation, when practiced regularly and consistently, makes the seeker go through many changes or stages. This book offers the "assistance n taming the wandering mind during the practice of meditation". The book is like a teaching manual with exercises throughout the text. The book is divided into sections. Each section must be mastered with its own set of exercises and questions. Once the seeker is comfortable with the section being studied, the seeker can proceed on to the next section. At the end of the book, the seeker will devise his/her own method of meditation to reach to the Ultimate Truth and annul the ego.


Publication Date
Jan 10, 2010
Personal Growth
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By (author): Sneh Chakraburtty



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