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Smoke & Mirrors - the links

ByStephen Paine

e-book with hyperlinks: A hypnotist counts us collectively back to 2000 – where it all began. “We were mesmerized, hypnotized and bamboozled.” It was all a deceptive show, performed through the tricks of Smoke & Mirrors. Mr Paine, hypnotist, social philosopher and activist, uses cutting edge investigations – and a sharp pin – to pop the fantasy bubble/babble that fooled a nation into believing that the candidate who came in second, won the race. Look past the barrage of Bushspeak, sound bites, slanted news and spin-meisters and see how it was done. “Wake up from the trance: we were, as a people and a nation, hood-winked into surrendering the highest office in the land.” The crime, treason, points to what we need to do now – what we should have done years ago. The solution is clear: We need to overcome our timidity, uncertainty and fear, and stand up for the right thing; namely, fixing the damage. There is a new administration, but the crimes under Bush go unpunished. Isn't it about time?


Publication Date
May 4, 2007
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By (author): Stephen Paine



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