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Blood On The Badge

Blood On The Badge

ByThomas Turner

Detective Patrick Blackfeather has just lost his best friend and partner from an assassin's bullet. He can't prove it, but he knows who hired the hit, a ruthless drug dealer, money launderer and strip joint owner by the name of Jim Anderson. Patrick's captain pulls him off the case, forcing him to work another, a case centering around the brutal murders of several prostitutes and their johns. As Patrick investigates the murders, he discovers that the prostitutes were also dancers at Anderson's strip club. He also discovers that Anderson has a twin sister who has recently escaped from the insane asylum and is hell bent on destroying her brother. Caught in the middle of a ruthless game of cat and mouse, will the detective kill two birds with one stone and let the vicious female serial killer take out her hateful brother to exact his own revenge for his partner's death? Or, will he play by the rules and save his most hated enemy and bring them both equally to justice?


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Thomas Turner



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