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Second Story

ByTim Hentzell

What type of job would a vampire have if he was not born into royalty or independently wealthy? A stand up comedian! It is not easy being funny and then to dine on the blood of your audience in the same night. Harlan Glenn is a vampire willing to take on that challenge. These stories blend a twist of humor, a bit of mystery and quirky use of the English language to take the reader on a ride to unreal places in the authors mind. You will find one more reason to run past the perfume commandos at Sak’s Fifth Ave. Cologne In Time will make you wonder if what happened was just a dream or a figment of your imagination. Watch the Birdie is why photographs fade but memories do not. The next time you are having a family portrait, remember what the photographer sees may not be an 8x10 to hang on the wall. This collection of short stories from Tim Hentzell will remind us that there is humor in everything that happens in our life.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Tim Hentzell



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