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Escaping from Debt & Poverty

ByTony U. S. Okwum

This is the right book for the right moment. This is the book that is on a mission to change your life. For those who are perpetually in debt and experiencing heavy blows from money, this is the right book for you & for those who want to come out of poverty, this is for you also. Do you want to maximise what's inside of you? Do you want to see your potential come to light? I strongly believe that this book will reshape and rebuild you to the real person you always wanted to be by overcoming financial debt and poverty. Your greatest enemy in life is the wrong information that has settled in your subconscious mind which has made you to believe that you can never come out of debt and poverty. And this has almost made you to give up. In this book is the solution to that chronic problem - debt and poverty. The economist won't educate you better, the financial newspapers will disappoint you bitterly and the government won't tell you the truth but this book WILL lead you along the right path.


Publication Date
Oct 23, 2013
Personal Growth
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By (author): Tony U. S. Okwum



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