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The Courage to Come Alive

ByUnmani Liza Hyde

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So often we go through life feeling frozen and limited by what we believe is true, or how we believe we should live. It takes courage to question the norm and wake up out of beliefs. Unmani explores the nature of courage, and how if we wake up to our true nature as Courage itself, the we start to defrost and come alive. The Courage to Come Alive is about waking up to the courage that is your true nature, and then learning to live courageously in your life. As a spiritual teacher, Unmani weaves in her own personal journey as she invites us to discover who we really are beyond what we think. She then takes us into multiple areas of our human lives, to look at how we can invite more courage into our daily experience. 'I have been inspired to write about courage, and also to live courageously, by deeply listening to what I know to be true. This knowing sometimes whispers quietly, and sometimes it screams so loudly that it is impossible to ignore it. When I acknowledge this knowing, I naturally live in alignment with that courage. In fact courage is my true nature, and it lives through me. At a certain point in my life, I came to the realisation that I have no choice but to see that my whole life is dedicated to that courage. To live otherwise, never feels truly alive. To stay in limited beliefs about myself, or to never take any risks in what I do, say or feel, seems to not be a life worth living. Once you start to acknowledge that life is really about living on the edge, and endlessly losing what you think you know, and who you think you are, you see that life brings such gifts. You may lose everything you think you have, but you receive everything that is truly worth having.' Unmani is a contemporary teacher, facilitator, and mentor, for those who long for deep spiritual awakening, and to explore how this is grounded in our human lives.


Publication Date
Oct 15, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Unmani Liza Hyde


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