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You Can Never Go Home Again

ByValerie Hope

Tim Callahan is a down on his luck private eye. Hired to follow the wealthy husband of his latest client, he quickly discovers that his subject is a cheating scum bag, who makes no attempt to hide all the women in his life. Unfortunately for Tim, he is discovered and captured. Tim finds that his wealthy subject employs a mysterious woman who quickly cast a spell over Tim. His body now quickly changing, Tim is in the company of others like him who have been transformed into hot babes! As his body changes, so does his mind and desires. Now as sexy woman, our new gal finds that she is attracted to attractive guys, and acts on her desires. Hanging with her new girlfriends, going shopping at the mall, and bedding any guy she wishes is all very exciting. But what about her old life? Will our new vixen settle into her new life as a female object of desire, or will she try to get back to her old life as a guy? FULL LENGTH COMIC, WITH 54 FULLY ILLUSTRATED PAGES. Adult Subject Matter


Publication Date
Jul 25, 2017
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Valerie Hope



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