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Pandemic Blasters

ByWarren Brown

PANDEMIC BLASTERS The world has been overcome by a virus which is sweeping across countries and wiping out populations. This virus, which has reached the proportion of a pandemic is of unknown origins and is obliterating human civilization. This unseen enemy has crippled world economies and brought the world to its knees. There is no cure in sight. A group of individuals called the “Pandemic Blasters” appointed by the International Federation of the World are the only hope for the human population. People are now used to being in lockdowns, wearing face-masks and washing hands with disinfectant hand-washes constantly, in order to protect them from an unbeatable virus. Lives have been lost all across the planet and it seems that scientists have not yet created a vaccine to destroy this ravenous monster, which feeds on human lives. The Pandemic Blasters discover an ancient manuscript, which may hold the clue as to how the virus can be destroyed. But, will the team of Pandemic Blasters be in time to save humanity? Can the world survive a battle with an unseen enemy or does this mark the gradual extinction of mankind? Humanity evolves over a long period of time, but then so does the virus, which is capable of adapting and surviving in any environment, terrestrial or extra-terrestrial.


Publication Date
Aug 9, 2020
Comics & Graphic Novels
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Warren Brown



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