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John Demetry

With Teofilo Colon and Armond White, Demetry formed Resistance Works, WDC, an independent book publishing collaborative. In 2009, Resistance Works, WDC published White’s Keep Moving: The Michael Jackson Chronicles, on which Demetry acted as Copy Editor. The following year, they published Demetry’s THE COMMUNITY OF DESIRE: SELECTED CRITICAL WRITINGS (2001-2007). In 2013, Resistance Works, WDC returned in grand style by publishing Demetry’s SERPENTS AND DOVES. Meanwhile, Demetry endeavors to find a home for his voice—and a voice for his home. Mapping this quest, the works of criticism in WATCH THE THRONE attest to the insights and passion he offers. They demonstrate his: 1) Unique perspective—semiotics-charged, formalism-based, pleasure-bound 2) Fundamental values—pop culture as a unifying force 3) Erudition—as a film major in college (emphasis: history/theory/ criticism) and as a life-long student of ideas and art