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The author, Bayfamily, was the forum moderator of Investment BBS on, a popular Chinese American social website. Since 2005, he has published a series of blogs on investment and personal finance, and he has attracted millions of page viewers. In 2006, he posted a blog on this investment forum about his goal to make ten million dollars in ten years by investing. He named his plan “Ten Million in Ten Years Investment Plan for an Average Income Family.” Since then, he has published his investment activities and financial records every year for 11 years, and eventually he achieved his goal and made ten million in 2018; a total of eleven and a half years, which is a bit longer than the planned 10 years. This book is a memoir and a record of his efforts to fulfill his ten-million-dollar goal. The book includes details of all of his investment activities, how he prepared himself, how he accumulated capital, how he found investment opportunities, and failure.