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Susan Bucher

Nurse Author Health Rights Activist . . . In 1998, after experiencing untold side effects of a tubal ligation, under the guidance of Dr. Hufnagel, Susan founded the Coalition for Post Women (CPTwomen) ( This web site was the first of its kind to educate women of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PLTS) (Post Sterilization Syndrome) and to expose the politics surrounding the issues. The goals of the CPTwomen are to work to make positive changes and to put laws in place so that all women will be educated. The obligation to disclose information rests on both ethical and legal foundations but ask any woman today (in 2016) what she was told of tubal ligation (female sterilization, Essure, clips or salpingectomy) in advance and you'll learn that adverse outcomes such as ovarian isolation (causing ovarian failure and hormonal imbalance) and bleeding disorders (pain, migrating clips, broken/migrating Essure) (all) leading to hysterectomy are NEVER disclosed. ~ Susan Bucher, BSN