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Image of Author Coralie Tinguely - author - of - The Natural Interconnection

Coralie Tinguely - author - of - The Natural Interconnection

Meet Coralie Tinguely, a dynamic force in spiritual guidance, multi-dimensional creation, and authorship. As the visionary behind "The Natural Interconnection" and the transformative "Compound Elevation" platform, Coralie integrates wisdom from yoga, veterinary natural health, curative pedagogy, and blockchain. An acclaimed fashion designer with awards for Spirit of Nordia ©, she champions freedoms in DeFi and crypto, compounding practices for peace. Coralie's book, 'The Natural Interconnection,' guides self-improvement, familial harmony, and growth. Available on Lulu bookstore and Amazon, this guide promises to unleash an upward compound avalanche of life-changing improvements. Follow Coralie on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube for daily inspiration. Discover the artistic evolution on Phaver and Rarible with Spirit of Nordia ©. Join Coralie on the journey of self-discovery, where every step elevates you toward a life of compound greatness. Embrace the power of Compound Elevation!