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Franco Brambilla Italian illustrator devoted to scifi. Since 2000 he has been one of the main illustrators of the "Urania" and "Urania Collezione" sci-fi book collections by Mondadori. In 2007 he starts... "Invading the Vintage". Cute aliens invade grandpa' postcards and classic scifi tv shows and movies. With these illustrations Franco Brambilla wants to celebrate his passions and his "nerd" generation grown up watching and reading sci-fi in the 70s and 80s. This art project is still running and it has been spotted on Wired USA, Juxtapoz issue 115, MacUser Uk, The Sunday Telegraph and many other blogs, e-zines, art-magazines and portfolios such as "BoingBoing", "Neatorama" and "beautifuldecay". Franco Brambilla got the "Best artist" Award at Eurocon European Awards (Fiuggi March 2009) and the "Best Artist" Award at Italcon, Milano Delos Days 2011. Giclee art prints signed and numbered of all his creations are available on demand from his site: Enjoy