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jacquelyn Mcclintock

My name Is Jacquelyn mcclintock I was born in houston tx on August 21,1990. When i was just five years old my parents got divorce. I have one brother who is in the Airforce stationed in Italy, two sisters, one newphew, and three nieces. when i was fourteen I was diagnosed with biploar disorder and borderline intellectual functioning which caused alot of challeges in my everyday life. I turned to poetry in highschool to help me cope with my disease, and wrote about my Thoughts, Hopes,Death, Friendship and much, much, more. I prefomed a poem called "Will I Rise" and "life Is A Game" at a open mic my high school held and got a reaction I never seen coming. everyone loved my poetry and cheered me on. It was than when I thought If people loved my poetry imagine what the rest of the world would think. It finally gave me the hope and confidence I needed. than I relaized If I just belive In myself than everyone else will to.