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Helga Gendell

Helga Gendell has lived on the Westside since 1964. She was hired as a reporter for The Argonaut in July 2002. One of her most notable accomplishments was the weekly series of articles covering the history of Marina del Rey from its beginning into 1997. The series ran for 24 weeks, giving insightful details about the politics and engineering involved in accomplishing this feat. As well as how it almost didn’t happen. Some Argonaut readers loved the series so much that they requested the series be published as a book. Argonaut readers enjoy Gendell’s Musings column that covers a variety of subjects, including Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and the proposed runway configurations. Additionally, she attends and writes about the Small Craft Harbor Commission and Marina del Rey Design Control Board meetings regarding development in the Marina. She also covers the Marina Affairs Committee, one of several committees of the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce.