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Terry walstrom

Author Terry Walstrom was born in Detroit Michigan, reared in Fort Worth, Texas and spent 10 years in Los Angeles California as an artist. He joined a religious cult at the age 14 and served time in Federal Prison as a result of his cult beliefs. The Jehovah's Witnesses had predicted the End of man's existence for 1975 and Terry devoted 100 hours each month to spreading that ridiculous message door to door. When the End did not come, he began to drift away from the religion. For the last twenty years Terry Walstrom has devoted considerable effort to debunking cult thinking. He has authored I WEPT BY THE RIVERS of BABYLON as his autobiographical object lesson and THE MONORAILS of MARS as an entertaining peek into the results of religious obsessions and cult leadership. By injecting humor and pulp fiction into an otherwise bleak subject matter, author Terry Walstrom hopes to get a discussion started about what it means to be gullible to the point of self-destruction.