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Marc Loewenthal

I am an English language teacher living in London, with a BA in Russian and Linguistics and an MA in Education (TESOL). I have been teaching English and writing materials for over thirty years. My immense interest in the history of language in general and English in particular has led me to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the origins of a wide variety of English roots, the results of which are two books: Bless the Buccaneer with Barbecued Blood and The Latin Heart of English. The former is a humorous analysis of the roots of a unique selection of English words, showing how the meanings of these words have radically changed over time, with fascinating and amusing results. The latter is a vocabulary practice book for intermediate students of English. I have also written The Other Dictionary, a selection of amusing word definitions based on pronunciation, The Liondale English Language Series Book 1, and 140 Stories of Exactly 140 Characters (Each). Watch out for many more to come!