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David Skardon

Check out my web site here Born in Brewer Street in 1948 and raised in Deal, Kent, in a fishing family, the eldest son of James Skardon, with connections to the sea, I spent all my time on the beach and in the boats,leaving school at 14 ~I took a trade in boatbuilding, then worked as a boatman for the Royal Engineers at Dover. Going back to sea fishing, I have owned beach boats including the "Fairway" "Spray" "Fair Chance" "Mary_Anne" "Dauntless: "St David" "St Rose" the later two I built,I have worked on trawlers around the country, having been a skipper for some years, Also the youngest boatman to hold an "A" license at the age of 14years, the book is based on events that used to happen on this part of the coast and from personal experience