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Rosemary Mountain

Composer, researcher, and (retired) professor, Rosemary's explorations have led her into diverse fields of investigation of creation, perception, and description. As her musical tastes are eclectic and international, her impressions often do not coincide with Western academic training, so she has worked to develop ways of contextualizing what she likes in terms that can be modified to other tastes and concerns. Her interest in musical rhythm and temporal perception is one of the longest threads in her career, so her latest book A Musician's Guide to Time summarizes much of her thinking on the subject in the light of various musical and extra-musical illustrations. Another recent book, Conversational Musicology - currently available as an e-pub and soon to appear as another fixed-layout PDF - is a more general set of background notes explaining her terminology and perspectives. Dr. Mountain has composed over 50 works for assorted instrumentation, and has written various articles and participated in conferences relating to different aspects of music, perception, and cognate fields.