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Sarah Ariaudo

Sarah began a career in Oncology, with a desire to help people feel better while undergoing chemo or radiation. She quickly realized there was a disconnect in the support for patients. "We were treating the body, but there was no mental and emotional support for processing the diagnosis, dealing with body changes or the financial strain." Over the years she has studied and used mindset techniques to help through her own health struggles. With such profound success, she decided to implement the power of mindset to the cancer industry. As Founder of the Mindful Based Healing program, she created a program to bridge the gap. The program supports and facilitates the mental and emotional healing of cancer patients during their journey in such a way that anyone, anywhere can access, implement and benefit from the program. She also works with healthcare leaders and their teams to use mindset techniques to manage stress real-time, boost morale, employee engagement and productivity, and help the people experience a better overall quality of life.