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Shani D'Cruze

Shani D'Cruze is Honorary Reader at Keele University. She is the author of A Pleasing Prospect: Social Change and Urban Culture in Eighteenth-Century Colchester (Hertford, 2008) and is also a historian of gender, crime and violence, where recent publications include Women, Crime and Justice in England Since 1660 (Basingstoke, 2009) co-authored with Louise A. Jackson. These volumes present and edit the researches of John Bensusan Butt. John Bensusan-Butt (1911-1997) was a knowledgeable local historian whose research career spanned some forty years. He was also an artist, sometime Borough and County Councillor and for many years a well-known figure in his native town of Colchester. PRINT VOLUMES AT 15% DISCOUNT