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Don Kirk

Don Kirk, a reclusive character with unkempt hair and threadbare clothing—happy to be locked up with just pen and paper—has never conformed to the bustling urban world of cell phones and television sets. He doesn’t seem to cogitate like the rest of us, processing information and observing the world in a way we can’t quite understand—though it seems completely clear to him. He has dabbled in many different things—a student, he says, of architecture, filmmaking, graphic arts, the old west, and human behavior—but being home alone allows his mind to wander beyond the bounds of reality, beyond what may, or may not, be healthy, allowing him to conjure up original ideas, and some not so original—since he has no idea what the rest of the world is doing—but it’s his world, and he likes it, and some of it is put down in ink in these books for you to enjoy—or not. You’ll have to be the judge. Sweetwater Stagelines™ is the publisher of a small collection of books by noted author Don Kirk.