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Tomislav Hengl

Hi, my name is Tom Hengl and I am a Senior Researcher and Vice Chair of the OpenGeoHub Foundation / technical director at Envirometrix Ltd. I am a passionate advocate for, and supporter of, open data, reproducible science and career development for young scientists. I have managed to publish several Open Access books via over the last few years. If you find something in them interesting (or in error) I would appreciate if you contact me and suggest changes by referring to a page/line number. BTW, is a highly efficient publisher offering authors full control over the content and design of their books (really impressive!). So if you have a comment, suggestion or a correction please send them over and I will try to update the content a.s.a.p. Contact: -- T. (Tom) Hengl Mail: OpenGeoHub foundation, Roghorst 206, 6708KT Wageningen, NL Tel: +31 (0)317 427537