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Ikpe uno

My Books are created as Sales Advice, Property & Equity broker tools in my creative Equity, Intellectual property administration & Corporate Identity Trust. Current titles have served required purposes in the current economic and market condition, which is mostly trading and Business image Equity. My Equities are Live Property Equity from the Trust not Legal or Real Estate Equity as reading the Books would no doubt have informed. My hated Books were developed for service at the Trust Bookshop Counter, to imply trade of that which is applicable to involvement of Crowds and Populations with Client Intellectual Property, meaning necessity of administration, is a Job that has been done and can be followed up legitimately. With respect to Celebrity & Intellectual Property Administration, Claims are that I advocate Revolution in the Middle East but do not Tolerate Opposition & Competition. As on Environment matters, we find thus that what they meant was more a matter of opposition to Religion: whereby claims are that I am the point at which the UK stretches power & influence beyond its limit - showing the same engaged in helping the Civil & Criminally Disobedient to Money, Media, and Advertisement, who on being Criminals that have unlawful wealth legally, rendezvous with Media where Gangs are needed for power. They have for years done this on frustration for the same who started to make a Public case of not being allowed to Bully 'sitting Ducks' Years earlier to my Publications.