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Black Bootee

Black Bootee

ByClair Francis Norman

Who doesn’t enjoy a good mystery? But prepare yourself for a real treat, for Black Bootee is unlike any other mystery you have read. The convoluted plot itself is enough to tie you into a Gordian knot of sleuthing. But it is the characters—the characters!—who will enthrall you. The cast is one such as you have never read about nor seen before. They are brave and bold, they are cowardly and devious—and you will love every twist and turn of their minds (and bodies). Good and bad lose all distinction in this original and absorbing “tale of treachery and double-dealing” (to quote the subtitle). The plot is woven so carefully and painstakingly that you know the author must have drawn maps to keep track of his characters’ movements. You will be tempted to do the same when some sequence of events appears not just unlikely, but downright impossible. And yet, everything works out as the implausible becomes possible and the mysteries are solved down to the last detail (well, almost).


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Clair Francis Norman



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