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Learn To Receive - Spiral Bound

Think it. Feel it. Live it.

BySoul Dancer

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Do you receive as much as you give? Over a lifetime our balance between giving and receiving changes. We're born into a world of 100% receiving. Growing up we learn the art of giving. At some point we get off balance. Is giving better than receiving? Learn To Receive explores that old saying based on facts (versus ego-based fictions / illusions). What facts? Facts you find out (about you) as 10 chapters reveal 32 skill updating exercises. Warning! Learn To Receive is designed for souls who are ready, willing and able to dive DEEP into two ancient questions. 1. Who am I? 2. Why am I here. We start with powerful ground-rules to step-by-step dissolve unhealthy habits known as doubt, guilt, shame and worry. Do you need this book? With 12 years research spanning 250,000+ participants of Soul University's (SU) Pay Me What I'm Worth program we know most people LOVE giving but struggle with receiving. Those who love giving often over-do-it to the point of poor physical and emotional health. Sound like you? Then buy this book. Invite those who you want to grow more healthy, wealth and wise with to start a study groups. . . . Soul University, founded by Soul Dancer offers events (virtual classes, workshops, retreats, seminars) and content (books, audio and video). Soul's training and teaching is rooted from travels to 30+ countries along with decades of diverse spiritual studies and teachings. As a monk of three orders and a shaman of four traditions he combines his University of Minnesota masters in social work with his undergraduate degree in human relationships. Experience Soul's skills first hand. Listen download classes found on iTunes at bit.lysuitunes


Publication Date
Feb 9, 2018
Personal Growth
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By (author): Soul Dancer


Coil Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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